WP Coursify Review -Create Online Udemy Type Sites

With this plugin which comes bundled with five premium wordpress themes you can created sites selling either your own online courses or PLR courses.


The top features of this plugin are:

  • Launch Unlimited Sites Selling Online Courses.
  • Newbie Friendly – Setup & Ready to go in 5 minutes.
  • Add Course Modules & Videos in 60 seconds.
  • Sell to Unlimited Students. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
  • Works with ANY well-built WordPress Theme.

Additional Features:

  • Add & Sell Unlimited Online Courses from Your Site– Whether you launch one site or multiple sites, you will be able to add unlimited courses to your site and sell them online. No limits on how many sales or courses you sell. Add all YOUR Courses in just a few minutes.
  • Quick Course Maker– Publish A Course in 60 seconds – Our Quick Course Maker module has been designed for speed. You won’t have to manually paste codes and content, just give it a page URL and it will automatically fetch all videos from that page and turn it into a course…BOOM – just like that.
  • Sell Video Courses, PDFs, Text + Image Content– There is absolutely no limit to what kind of content you can sell using this – video courses, PDF training, HTML or Rich Content, anything you want.
  • Fully Protected– Secure Content Delivery – The content delivery is seamless – once the user buys a course, he has secure access to that course online and all its related resources & the courses is automatically added to his account.
  • Simple Step by Step Course Creator– Course creation is simple – if you can copy paste content from one document to another, that’s the only skill you need. Adding text, images, videos is a piece of cake with WP Coursify.
  • Add Unlimited Chapters & Modules per Course– There is no limit to how much content you can add to each course, unlimited modules & chapters. Break your course up into any parts you want. Complete freedom.
  • Zero Transaction Fees, Monthly or Yearly Fees– We’re sick of platforms that take away upto 75% of your income as fees. Then there are others that take 5% to 10% on every sale. Crazy, I know. That’s why with WP Coursify, there is no fees, just download once & use forever.


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