Video Marketer’s Dream WP Plugin – Post Periscope Videos to Your Site

WPScope has just gone live and this is set
to revolutionize the way that marketers use
video.Go see it here (and take advantage of the
discount):=> Click Here To Claim Your Discount Now!

That sounds unreal, right?

With a new app people all around the world
are doing exactly that… which is incredible.

Even the New York Times likes Periscope: untapped traffic and video content
source had* 1,000,000 users in the first 10 days of Periscope’s launch.

* 10 years of new live content WATCHED everyday
single day!

WPScope has just been released and changes
everything, placing fresh viral and completely
unique content in your hands and automatically
on your blog.
This is the only wordpress plugin right now that can post Periscope videos to your blog or website.Here are some of its features:
  • Unlimited, Videos ONLY Available On YOUR Site
  • Legally Fill Your Blog With Hyper Popular Content
  • Works In ANY & ALL Niches
  • Set Up & Automate The Entire Process
  • FREE Lifetime Updates & Support
  • One Click Updater & Step By Step Setup Wizard
  • 30-Day Hassle Free Guarantee
 => Click Here To Watch The Demo Video Now!WPScope is unlike anything you’ve seen,
allowing you to cash in on Periscope without
ever having to create a video yourselfIt’s truly mind blowing – have a look for
yourself and see why people are raving about
and running to buy it at this crazy discount.


P.S.   Here is a great search engine for searching live periscope videos


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