Social Robot Bookmarking Software Review

Today’s review is about Joshua Zamora’s new Social Robot bookmarking software.

Social robot is a brand new package that permits you to make up to 800 social bookmarks to any url you wish.

Social Robot Review – Social Robot’s features

+ It supports: Pligg, PHPDug, Scuttle, Scuttle+, GetBoo, Hotaru
+ It features One-Click posting = once project has been setup, everything happens with one click
+ It will check PR of websites in a project
+ It will determine platform of websites in a project
+ It will verify dofollow/nofollow-ness of a web site
+ It will export links in a very plain TXT or manufacture a close report of links in XLS format
+ It will check sites if they’re alive/dead
+ It will filter sites list by: dofollow-ness, PR, platform, captcha presence, whether or not a web site is .gov/.edu or not
+ It will do scheduled posting. All forms of posting situations are attainable here as our scheduler is top notch
+ It will failed failing actions (e.g. if a proxy used was dead it will retry posting employing a using a proxy or if captcha was resolved wrong it will retry)
+ It will solve straightforward captchas on its own and supports all forms of captcha resolution services and software: DBC, de-captcher, imagetyperz, Spamvilla, Captchatronix, MegaOCR, Captcha sniper and GSA Captcha Breaker

+ It will use personal and anonymous proxies. It includes all the tools necessary to add, filter and check proxies. Proxies may also be segmental into private/public classes and every action will be set to use any combination of public, personal or no proxies in the slightest degree. It may also sporadically load proxies from a file (useful once customers are using some style of proxy lists generated by either a package or another source)

+ It will ping links once they’ve been announce
+ It will send send links to the subsequent indexing services once they’ve been posted: Indexification,, LinkPipeline, Backlinks indexer
+ It will scrape articles from article directories or it will pull content from huge Content Search (a service)
+ It will spin articles by using: SpinRewriter, Spinnerchief, WordAi, the best Spinner
+ You can blacklist certain sites you don’t want to use
+ It will log stuff (i.e. what went wrong, etc.) to a information for a later review
+ It will create AOL email account
+ All project and app setings are safely keep database information. If it crashes it’ll presumably recover without a problem
+ Software updates happen mechanically
+ Ability to drip feed bookmarks

Joshua Zamora a veteran Internet Marketer is offering a 30 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of the Product

Click Here to Go to Social Robot Official Site

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