Review of Content Arbitrage Confessions by Jame Renouf


Content Arbitrage Confessions may not be a wordpress product per se, but it still a product that will be invaluable to wordpress bloggers because we all need content and in this concisely written ebook, James Renouf tells us how to get tons of content for free.  But it is not just free content, but content that you can freely edit and I am not talking about PLR content.

Instead, we are talking about Creative Commons content and James takes you through how to properly search that content for content that is free to use commercially and how to use filters the RIGHT way.   For example, I have freely used the filter button on youtube to find relevant videos, but I did not know that you can first look for videos on a subject that are creative commons videos and after you get the results then use the filter button again to drill down to those videos in your search results that have gotten the most views.  

He also tells you the right way edit the content, such as youtube videos descriptions, titles, etc. so that you recreated product will show up in the search results.   For example, he tells you how to access the Youtube editor to easily edit creative commons videos that permit editing.

Content Arbitrage Confessions also gives you a number of ideas on how to monetize the billions of pages of free content that exist on the Web.

Finally, Content Arbitrage Confessions takes a look at the other side of Creative Commons content which is producing your own free content to get others to share it.   Right now this ebook is selling for less than $10 so get it now before the price rises.

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Content Arbitrage Confessions




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